We strive to help every individual discover their gifts and use them to make meaningful contributions to the world. 

Praise Consulting uses an approach that incorporates in-depth coaching, assessments, personality tests, exploration, reflection, journaling, and career surveys to help individuals know their strengths, preferences, and aspirations that lead to an ideal career.
Jump Start Program

Pre-teens and teens learn about who they are and what makes them unique by discovering their best talents, skills, and interests.  This self-awareness and knowledge serves as the foundation for early identification of career fields they can aspire to and enjoy later in life.

The program focuses on the strengths each individual brings to the world everyday and helps them explore career pathways to realize their dreams.  At the end of the program, teens walk away with career choices, a mini action plan, and a visual life board to share with family and mentors that illustrates who they are, what’s important to them, and career paths they would like to explore.

Career and Personal Coaching

Do you know someone in your network who is struggling in the following ways?

  • A high school student unsure about the path forward to college and what major to declare
  • A college student not sure what job they really want and how to land that first job.
  • A Mom who is ready to re-enter the workforce
  • An experienced professional who is unhappy in their job and knows they need to make a career change, but doesn’t know where to start.
  • A seasoned executive in need of guidance on how to make that big career transition to a new phase of life.

At Praise Consulting, we help individuals get the clarity and focus they need to discover the best path forward and shape an action plan to realize their goals.

People and Team Development

At Praise Consulting, we provide HR expertise on a project by project basis helping organizations attract, grow, and develop their talent to succeed in achieving their mission.

  • Team Development – Enhancing a team’s effectiveness to deliver better results
  • Leadership Coaching –Helping leaders advance the organization and grow professionally
  • Talent Development Strategies – Retaining and growing your employees
  • Performance Management – Improving individual and organizational performance
  • Succession Planning – Creating quality transition plans for your critical roles
  • Recruitment – tools to attract the right talent to your organization