The mission of Praise Consulting is to help individuals discover their talents, skills, and interests to find a career they love.

Praise Consulting was founded by Michelle Thompkins, Business Leader, Entrepreneur, Career Coach and Community Volunteer. “We all have passion and enthusiasm for certain causes, subjects, and hobbies.  No one has to motivate you to take action, get going, or follow through.  You enjoy doing it and you are constantly learning and growing.  The opposite is true as well.  When you are in a field that does not appeal to you, it’s a challenge to keep up the motivation.  You don’t enjoy the work, and you start to fall behind and get discouraged.”

At Praise Consulting, the team uses an approach that incorporates in-depth coaching, assessments, personality tests, exploration, reflection, journaling, and career surveys to help individuals know their strengths, preferences, and aspirations that lead to an ideal career.  A career that is a good match for who they are and what they enjoy doing everyday.
This is what we call Living your Purpose and we want you to Live Your Best Life.